Do you know the makeup brush you often use?
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Makeup brushes believe that friends who love makeup must be used, then everyone is curious not to know how

the makeup brush is produced.I am very curious.I will share the makeup and composition of the makeup brush.
A set of makeup brushes will consist of different counts, there are 7 sets, 12 sets, 24 sets, 32 sets, etc., different

businesses There will be different combinations of counts.The makeup bag of the enamel element set makeup

brush will also be different. From the convenience level, there is a portable cosmetic bag, which is convenient

for everyone to carry around.Travel, vacation, partying, etc. can make you apply makeup at any time, keep your

makeup exquisite, don't make up, and avoid a lot of embarrassment. Like 7 makeup brush packs and 12
The makeup brush bag can be loaded into our usual bags, and there is not a roll of toilet paper. Of course,

compared to professional makeup artists said that the makeup brush is relatively complete, often carrying a lot of

 makeup brushes into and out of various places to customize a variety of makeup, so the use of makeup artists
The makeup bag is slightly larger and looks professional enough.
The makeup brush set has a variety of textures, cloth, plastic, and paper and plastic.Liang element makeup brush

set  and various types In all kinds of barrels, each one looks very upscale.

Liang  element set of makeup brush set is nothing more than: loose powder brush, foundation brush, all brush,

eye brush, lip brush, blush brush, contour brush, residual powder brush, eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, nose

shadow brush, these basic makeup must be used, of course, there are many different brushes are subdivided,

according to the customer's different shapes and different shapes, most customers use basic brushes, and some

customers need different shapes of different parts to construct different brushes.
Shape, let yourself be different, bright eyes, of course, we will also be satisfied.
The makeup brush consists of three parts: a handle, a connecting tube, and a brush head.
The following is a focus on the makeup brush, which is an important part of the brush handle and brush head

material.picking the nozzle: Each nozzle must be manually screened before use, and the shape and color are

selected without any problem before the next step can be made.The material of the brush bar is acrylic, plastic,

wood, bamboo, metal rod, resin, etc. Some materials that are more comfortable to touch after manufacturing the

finished product.The most common are bamboo poles and wood poles, plastic, acrylic is the most widely used

handle. Of course, like high-end, high-grade sandalwood also has the sandalwood itself is expensive, plus post-

production, the production cost is relatively expensive, and the price of natural sale will be very expensive.
The rest are more common, in which the relative cost of acrylic is relatively expensive, and it is necessary to open

the mold. Generally, acrylic is a large household to mass produce a certain style or series.
Will choose it, so the brush factory that can produce acrylic brush handles are very powerful, are a bit of a

foundation, not a small retailer can compare production of brush head raw materials for makeup brushes:
Nowadays, the common makeup brush heads are basically made of man-made fibers, and the material of the real

hair is very rare Man-made fibers, there are also many names, such as nylon, horsehair, mane, wool, etc. in the

industry are different names of the material of the makeup brush. and Man-made fibers are processed and have

different softness and color, so you will see different colors of makeup brushes on the market.The production of

man-made fibers is also very time consuming and laborious. Technicians need to set up production equipment

according to different filaments cut the silk into different heights according to different wire diameters, then

deoxidize, soften the silk, and then manually clean the silk, then dewatering, drying, and then through different

processes, so that the silk does not fade, after these processes are completed, it is necessary to manually soften

such silk.The softness is to the extent that the face is comfortable.After the handle and the brush head are

processed, use the nozzle to connect the handle and the brush head, so that a makeup brush can be completed.

Afterwards packaging, so that we can see in the market Is there a feeling of interlacing like a mountain now? The

emergence of every kind of commodity has gone through a lot of research, the hard work of different workers, I
Only then can you use it to make life more convenient. We only cherish every good product that we can use to

make good use of it.The workers! I hope that these can satisfy the curiosity of everyone.
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