Life needs to leave a little blank
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Life is to be left blank, a trace of pure land, but interesting. However, this blank is not nothing, clean. Just like literature, without words, words are full of meaning
Chinese paintings often use "white space", the so-called "counting white when black" "doing nothing". In layman's terms, it is the ingenuity to leave a blank on the screen. The painter's pen and the most intriguing place in the frame are often due to "white space." We often say that "there is no intention", and "whitening" means "nothing". In philosophy, "the road is incompetent, big and incompetent", and that is what it means.
There is no gold in gold, and no one is perfect. In our life, work, and study, leave a blank space for yourself, and leave a blank space for others. You will find that life is so fascinating and colorful, and you can understand the meaning of life in regret and understand the meaning of life. .

The beautiful statue of Venus is a work of art, representing the beauty of defects, so it has charm, purity and intoxication. In our real life, we often pursue a perfect, extremely demanding, so that we are in trouble, unable to breathe. Any perfection is relative, there is no absolute perfection in the real world!
Leave a blank space for your mind, let yourself get gasping, get rid of all kinds of troubles, stress, not let happiness, get angry and erode your soul, let yourself be quiet, do not want anything, maybe the best way to rest.
Leave a blank space for one's own soul, no one is perfect, we don't have to be strict with ourselves. The shortcomings may be necessary for us. We don't have to be in distress. People who are too perfect, others may not want to approach you. Laughter, go back a little.
We can't do anything too absolute, leave a little room for yourself, leave a blank space for yourself, so that you have room to turn around and be comfortable in the world of entertainment. Too absolute, only if you hurt yourself, it is more difficult when you want to retire.
Leave a blank space for others. In our interpersonal relationship, if you confess yourself to others without reservation, it will only hurt yourself, hurt others, and leave a little blank is the most real choice! There is no harm in the heart of the people, and the heart of the people is indispensable. Leave a little blank and learn to protect yourself.

Leave a blank space for others, others have their own personality, personal dignity, we do not have to ask others, impose their own values on others, can happily get along with others, appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses, and create a harmonious interpersonal environment. .
Life is originally composed of ups and downs, life can not be smooth sailing, we do not have to ask for anything, leave a blank space for yourself, plain and faint is true, in the indifferent to realize the true meaning of life. Do not be shocked, see flowers bloom before the court; go to stay inadvertently, look at the sky clouds and clouds.
Leave a blank space for life. That blank is actually very cute. It is like a few pauses in a piece of passionate music, like a few white papers in a manuscript-wrapped manuscript paper, like a few green spaces wrapped in modern buildings, like the ones in the mountain rain splash a small pavilion in the rain...
Leave a blank space for life. That blank is not a vacancy, not even pale. It is nourished and carried with no support. It charges people's spirits and cheers people's strength. It is a "short circuit" that the wise man deliberately creates, and the "short circuit" can help them get on the road better.
Leave a blank space for life. People should hibernate like a bear, and when it is like a lake, it will be frozen, and when it is like a mountain, it will be bare. Life is inherently hidden. In many cases, non-stop, continuous stretch may be a kind of stupidity, and it is a kind of wisdom to walk short and intermittently.
Leave a little blank, this is the truth of life; leave a little blank, this is the wisdom of life. Let us think about everything in the world, develop in a little blank, get what you want in the loss, get it in regret, get joy in the cry, wave your hand to say goodbye to loss, treat everything with a normal heart, smile blank.
Leave a little blank, don't let life lose its true color; leave a little blank to make life glow; leave a little blank to make your life simpler.