Your height can affect your life.
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This afternoon, I don’t know any topic. Some colleagues talked about height. It happened that the height of our female colleague is not tall. There is a female colleague who is 30 years old and a little low. Then a male colleague takes the height. For some playful words, once or twice, everyone is still more novel, more times, always say that height is high, female colleagues can not accept it, I believe everyone knows this kind of psychology.
My own height is less than 1 meter. I usually have nothing. But when it comes to height problems, I am sorry. I sigh that my height is too low. Why is there no height of 165? I always feel that I may be higher. Thin, will your life be another scene, always attribute some things that are not as good as your own, to the most obvious physical defects, not the ability to self-examine first. In fact, I am also very curious, can height really affect my life? Of course, the answer is no.

We all know the Olympic champion, the table tennis grand slam winner Deng Yaping, the official height is 155cm, but because the head is short, the provincial team does not want her, but as a result, people have not won a lot of table tennis players, she is much higher than her It was a miracle on the road of table tennis! Husband, his son, a family of three, is happy. You said, height affects her! ?

Chinese pop singer Jolin Tsai, the official height is also 155cm. With her own efforts, her unique voice has become a generation of queens. In 2001, she won the "MTV Video Music Awards" "Taiwan Audience Choice Award". As the "Mando-Pop", you will be published on the cover of the US Business Edition. With the "Big Artist", he won the Best Song of the Year Award in the 24th Taiwan Golden Melody Award and nominated the "Best Asian Artist" award in the 19th MTV European Music Video Awards. The Play World Tour concert was held the following year, and won the 26th Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Album Award; on December 2, Jolin Tsai won the 2015 MAMA Asia Best Artist Award. Isn't this typical of small people? So, does her height affect her career? !
Let’s talk about our favorite actor Pan Changjiang. The height is not very good, but his essays, I believe many people have seen it. Many people wait in front of the TV series to watch his essays in the spring evening. Well, he is not tall, he has a lot of friends' favorite, and he waited for the Spring Festival Evening Gala for many times and won the Best Actor Award in the 23rd Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award. So what is the impact of height on him? 
What affects your life is not your height, but your own ability. How many books have you read and how many roads you have traveled. So I am not tall, but what about it? I will still try to be the best myself.