Good news, good news, good news you have to know
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Broadcast a news, everyone please pay attention!
 Due to the development needs of the company, there are a number of job vacancies. For the company's stronger development, the following 

employees are needed now.
8 wire drawing workers
Washer 8
Volume Manager 8
20 workers
Three meals a day, there is a special a responsible for the restaurant, the aunt can not, engaged in the catering industry for decades, 

large dishes, side dishes, hard dishes, color,
Aroma and taste! Eating gimmicks is done by aunt himself. Are you looking forward to it? If you want to ask if the food you eat is good, 

I can only tell you gently: the hundreds of 
millions of bosses and bosses are eating with us, you say! Nothing else 

, just come for this stutter!
What, did not live there, of course, there, now almost three quarters of it or less personal room, equipped with free 

transfer, washing machines, water heaters, in addition to not 
be your home, you said there was not satisfied with what it .
Of course, everyone must also know how much salary can be paid in a month!
Our boss said a word, the wages are earned, not the company saves, so you think about it, the boss can treat you badly.
Then the key point is, you have to go to work in January, don't fish for two days, you can put it in your pocket: 3000~6000 yuan!
If you want to ask if you have a range, then you don't ask if the 5 fingers are not normal. It depends on the attitude 

of the individual to work . Otherwise, if you are drying the 
net for two days , the boss can not lose big!
Such a good treatment, there are embarrassing requirements: as long as you work hard, work hard, and do things honestly, the boss will not be provocative. 

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