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High Density Synthetic Hair Diamond Shape Makeup Kabuki Foundation Brush

  • Product name

    Badger beard brush

  • Brush Material

    Badger hair

  • Handle


  • Knot size


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High Density Synthetic Hair Large Oval Diamond Private Label Makeup Kabuki Flat Top Foundation Brush

  • Product Name: Petal Foundation Brush

  • Bristles: fiber bristles

  • Brush handle: ABS plastic brush handle

  • Size: about 40 * 35 * 60mm

  • Application: liquid foundation, isolation cream, BB cream, plain cream, etc.




  • Quickly apply makeup without powder or brush marks,Fine tip, with fine makeup on the nose and wings around the eyes, refusing to eat powder

  •  Three-dimensional diamond-shaped grip, ergonomic design, comfortable feel, easy to grasp

  • Up to 60mm in diameter, about 200,000 plump hairs, soft and gentle like skin texture without leaving brush marks

  • Petal brush handle design with three-dimensional diamond-shaped brush handle, easy to grasp the new posture of the base makeup, the gift box is sealed and not dusty, which is hygienic and convenient